Marine growth in sea chests, seawater piping systems and heat exchangers is a potential threat for the performance and condition of your ship or installation. To combat this risk the Marine Growth Prevention System was developed. Once installed it provides low maintenance dual protection against most hard and soft foulings and corrosion


MGPS System is an antifouling system designed to prevent both macro and micro marine fouling using an on-site antifouling solution - sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). TiTaN's MGPS system creates sodium hypochlorite directly from seawater and once it has been distributed to the seachests and into the seawater system it reverts to salt and water. By the time the water arrives at the seachests the concentration levels have decreased significantly and there is barely a trace of the antifouling agent to be found in the water.

Marine Growth Prevention System ( MGPS ) resolves the problem of the treatment for the sea water in the refrigeration circuits and other ship services, barnacles in cooling systems using seawater piping, refrigerating factories, and any kind of industries and installations using sea water in circuiting systems.

MGPS system is effective against macro & micro marine fouling compared to Cu anodes / Al anodes which can only combat macro fouling. Antifouling systems requires no additional chemicals to be added. Sodium Hypochlorite ( NaOCl ), antifouling agent is created directly from seawater.